Looking Back on 2021: A Year in Review

5 min readDec 31, 2021


Growing, Growing, Going To The Moon!

How We Got Here..

The CORE MultiChain team is made up of individuals from different academic disciplines. After some intense research, we identified key problem areas within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We realized that blockchains do not have the necessary scalability, interoperability, and throughput needed for mass adoption. Also, we feel that people have lost their privacy in the era of Big Data. Once we identified these issues, we knew we had to do something about them. And so, the CORE MultiChain ecosystem was born! A hybrid AI-enabled consensus protocol powers the CORE MultiChain ecosystem. It is a super-performant blockchain ecosystem that aims to address the blockchain trilemma of scalability, interoperability, and throughput so that blockchain technology can become a mainstream technology adopted by the masses. The ecosystem will also be built around privacy to give users control over their data and ensure their privacy!

Off To A Great Start

This year has exceeded our wildest expectations! The price of CMCX soared 800% in only a few months since our launch! Our community has grown to over 50,000 members, and we have more than 7,000 active wallets across three blockchains! We also got listed on several well-known exchanges! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this year.

Listed On Reputable Exchanges

We started our launch with a bang and got listed on several reputable exchanges, including LBank, Bitmart, Probit, XT, Hoo, HotBit, BKEX, and many others. We even got listed on PancakeSwap and JustSwap! Since CMCX’s first listing, the price went from $0.005 to $0.04. An incredible 800% in just a few months!

Growing Together As A Community

Our pre-launch had 5,000+ contributors from 83 countries! Our community has grown exceptionally, and we have over 50,000 members from across the globe! The number of requests to join our expanding community is flooding in! We’re thrilled to see how popular CORE MultiChain has become over the last few months and can’t wait to welcome new members to our global community.

The Popular Choice

This year alone, we were mentioned over 300 times in a variety of press releases and publicity outlets! Established media platforms such as CoinTelegraph, Yahoo, NewsBTC, BTCManager, and many others have mentioned CORE MultiChain! We have become a popular crypto investment choice and were voted as the community favorite on LBank exchange. All of the staking options we had this year sold out in less than 3 hours! We have over 7,000 active wallets across 3 blockchains and more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers in just a few months! Our daily trading volume has also surpassed the $8 million mark!

Building Investor Confidence

Our team has worked very hard this year to build the credibility of the CORE MultiChain project and instill investor confidence in our project. Getting our project successfully audited by Certik, having our project verified on EtherScan and BSCScan, enabling simultaneous support for the ERC-20, BEP20, and TRC-20 networks, as well as getting listed on CoinMarketcap and CoinGecko are just some of the main ways that we have built CORE MultiChain’s credibility in the last few months since our first listing!

Delivering As Expected

We have achieved all of our target milestones for 2021 as per our roadmap. We have launched our dynamic website and have released CORE’s technical paper. We have also started accepting requests for project proposals and have onboarded the seed founders. Last but not least, we have launched our proof of concept version 0.1 and have started our CMCX token offering. We are also excited to announce that our team has grown! We welcomed new members to our dev team and have formed our technical committee.

Growing Together!

On our quest to create a better and more innovative future, we have made a number of contributions this year to various open-source projects and non-profit organizations that share our vision for the future. These projects and organizations include the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), Vue.Js, FreeCodeCamp, Fight for the Future, and many more!

2022 Outlook

2022 is going to be a packed year full of massive announcements! You can keep up to date by following our new Growth and Transparency page that will be added to our website early next year. We plan on launching more technology that we are confident will make a significant impact on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space! We will be launching our very own games and NFT ecosystem and marketplace next year called CORE Gravity, as well as CORE Academy — where we will provide world-class educational content relating to all things tech from leading universities and organizations!

We believe that education is vital in times of uncertainty, which is why we will be launching CORE academy sooner than initially planned. By providing educational content relating to all things tech, we can also answer all of the unanswered questions that the masses may have regarding blockchain technology.

Other exciting innovations that we will bring to the world next year are CORE Bridge, our own DEX, CORE Wallet, Apeirogon Framework, and Origo Network.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only are we launching new technologies next year, but we also have some strategic partnerships with vendors across the world planned and will be listing on some of the best exchanges in the world! Some of these listings are scheduled for early 2022 and are with tier 1 exchanges. Also, due to some travel difficulties brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic this year, we will be hosting our hackathon and CCIP early next year as well! We are looking to expand our team as well next year and will be hiring for more than 50 vacancies in different areas within our team in the new year.

CORE DAO will be launched next year, too! In the DAO, community members will be able to vote for projects that they believe will make an impact on the CORE ecosystem and help it grow. Yes! Community members who hold CMCX will play an essential role in helping the CORE MultiChain ecosystem grow! Every project that gets the most votes will receive funding and support from the CORE team to turn their idea into reality and become part of our ecosystem! The success of the DAO and another decentralized voting that will happen in the near future depends on the community’s involvement. We will need our community’s participation to ensure that all the voting goes smoothly.

Next year, we will also be onboarding external teams to help the CORE MultiChain ecosystem grow. This will be done through our grant program, which will give away more than $10 million in rewards to selected teams!

2022 will be a year for the record books! We continue growing together with our strategic partners and community to elevate to new heights. We will also be launching our innovation centers next year and announcing the key contributors, teams, and individual members early in the new year! So much happened in just a short time since our launch, and we would like to thank our community and partners for all of their support! Without you, none of this would be possible. 2022 will give us a whole new year to add to the momentum gained this year. We will list on more exchanges, begin to unleash the full potential of the CORE MultiChain ecosystem, and continue to grow! Together!




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